Who we are?

Mediv z.s. is a non profit organization dedicated to communication skills and alternative dispute resolution.

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About us

Mediv z.s. was established to increase the awareness and quality of  communication and negotiation skills. Our aim is also to extend the knowledge of alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation and conciliation.

The subject of our activity is to increase the so-called “soft skills”, skills that we commonly use in our lives, however, we often do not realize how connected they are to negotiation itself, or when the negotiation itself is already going on. We also deal with the development of education in alternative disputes resolution, mainly in the area of negotiation and mediation.

These methods of alternative disputes resolution inseparably include the ability to communicate effectively in the form of techniques such as repositioning, paraphrase, generalization, or mirroring, as well as determining and distinguishing positions and interests, and last but not least, active listening.

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