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Mediv z.s. is a non profit organization dedicated to communication skills and alternative dispute resolution.

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Mediation meetup at Prague 5

On December 16, 2019, a mediation meet up at Prague 5 was hold in the cozy café “What is looking for a name” under the auspices of the Mediv z.s. The event took place in an intimate atmosphere, where the auditorium was acknowledged with mediation, in particular what mediation is and what this method of alternative dispute resolution can bring. The fruitful discussion was supplemented by a number of notes and experiences from the practice of the registered mediator Tereza Hanajová and mediator Diana Ježková. Finally, we addressed all the additional questions that have emerged, such as, in which cases may mediation be appropriate? Who is involved in mediation and how many people can participate in mediation? You can find more photos from our event on Linkedin. After answering the questions, we said goodbye and look forward to the next meeting in New Year 2020.



Diana Lokajíčková
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